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Colossians Introduction

Lesson 13
Revelation 20

Lesson 11
Revelation 17

Lesson 10
Revelation 16

Lesson 8b
Revelation 13 

Lesson 4

Will Believers go through the tribulation period?

Revelation Definitions

Lesson 2
September 16, 2015
Eleven and Seven (4)

Lesson 2
September 16, 2015
Thrones (1)

Lesson 2
September 16, 2015
Seven Spirits before the Throne (2)

September 9, 2015
Key terms in Revelation:

Apokalypsis - "unveiling" - sheds light on OT prophecy, reveals vital spiritual truths, and points to the ultimate revelation of God through Christ at the end of time. 

"Soon" or "near" - Christ will come soon or his return is near.  These Greek terms express Christ's return as impending not immediate.  They reflect the suddenness of his return, not a short time before his coming.  These terms support the doctrine of imminency - that Christ's return could come at any moment. 

Propheteia - "prophecy" - this book is a revelation of things which must soon take place.
Proskyneo - "to bow down before" "to worship" - worship runs like a "precious thread" throughout Revelation. We are called to give Him glory, worship Him who made heaven and earth.