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Prayer for Women in the Word 2015

"Our corporate prayers are punctuated with phrases such as 'Here us, Lord' or 'Lord, hear our prayer', as if the burden to listen were on God and not us.  We name our concerns, giving God suggestions on what to do about them.  What reversal of power might occur if we turned the process around, naming our concerns and asking God to tell us what to do about them?  "Speak, Lord, for your servants are listening." - Barbara Brown-Taylor from "When God is Silent".

As a result of reading this statement recently, I have structured our prayer guide a little different this year.  We will start by thanking Him but then each day there will be a topic of need or concern and I would like you to name it and then ask God what you personally can do about it and the LISTEN!

September 5 - Thank God for 1) the ministry of WIW, 2) Joanne, 3) servant leaders, 4) worship team, 5) Clearwater Community Church

September 6 - Unity

September 7 - Boldness

September 8 - Protection

September 9 - Love of Jesus to show.

Your sister in Christ,
Prayer Team