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5 Days until the start of Bible Study

As we continue our countdown to the start of Bible Study, I want to remind people to read 2 Samuel...Thanks

***Location change***We will be meeting in the Family Life Center tomorrow which is located behind the church. It should be just for this week while the church is finishing their renovations.*** Spread the word.

Today is the day that The Lord has made...Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!  Bible study starts today!!

A big shout out to Donna Grotenhuis for putting together our prayer countdown list :)  

Today, pray that the first meeting runs smoothly.  Pray that every woman feels the love of Jesus and the peace He alone can give and that they feel welcome and accepted.  Amen

1 Day until the start of Bible Study:

The last chapter of 1 Samuel describes the death of Saul...check out another telling of this story in 1 Chronicles 10.  

Side note:  Don't freak out when you see the study questions for 2 Samuel...Joanne has it all broken down so all you have to look at is the "Home Study" questions.  Thanks :)

Prayer:  Pray for the women in your small group that they would grow in their Christian walk and make new friends.  Pray they would feel free to share what is on their heart.  Amen

2 Days until the start of Bible Study:

I believe God's universe is much like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Every person, and every thing, is indeed an important piece of that unfathomably enormous puzzle.  And, that includes you . .. “The Holy Spirit’s ordinary way of working in us is through the working of our own minds and wills. He moves us to act by causing us to see reasons for moving ourselves to act. Thus we see that God has chosen to operate not independently of but only through and by means of human effort and labor. God’s energy doesn’t fall from heaven haphazardly and amorphously, but comes to us through human ministers and ministry." J. I. Packer

Pray for those who come early and stay late to help make our study run smoothly - those who make coffee and clean up afterwards, greet the women, and run the AV equipment.  Thank God for our prayer team who covers our study with prayer each week.  Pray for Kathy Hollick as she video tapes Joanne's teaching every week and manages the blog.  Pray that WIW expands beyond Florida because of the blog.  It's in Jesus name, we pray...AMEN!!!

3 Days until the start of Bible Study:

Unceasing worship doesn't have a start time or and end time; we are continously outpouring worship to God in what we think, say and do.  Worship Music is avenue for us to come together and make music worshiping Him lovingly and praisefully.

Prayer:  Thank God for our worship team led by Nina and Tylar.  Pray that they would continue to praise God with their songs and that we would bring glory and honor to the Lord during our time of praise and worship.  Amen

4 Days until the start of Bible Study:

Our prayer today is for our children.  The story of Eli was meant to teach us about a parent’s responsibility for the spiritual nurture of our children.  We are taught to be a leader to our children and teach by example. To be aware of our kid’s actions and stand up when we know they are wrong. To expect good behavior from them. 

Pray for the "children of the King".  Cover these children in prayer for safety, comfort, friendships and spiritual growth.  Pray for Pam Bauer and Angie Posnoski as they will be working with the chidren again this year.

5 Days until the start of Bible Study:    Because She Said "Yes".

Last summer I started digitizing some of the audio cassette tapes the biblestudy had of Sharon Longbottom and Joanne Tittle's teachings.  Here is a special clip of Sharon leading prayer over Joanne.  Since we don't have any video of Sharon, I added a few shots of Joanne leading prayer over Beloved at our retreat.

Today, we pray for guidance and wisdom for Joanne as she prepares each week.  Pray that your fellow servant leaders will be open to God's leading in the discussions and to provide balance in their personal growth and caring for the group.  Pray for the health of all leaders and Joanne and for their families as we walk through this year together.  In Jesus we pray, Amen!