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2 Corinthians Introduction

We have been blessed to have some of Sharon Longbottoms past study teachings on audio. 2 Corinthians is one of a group of older studies that we have partial audio tapings in the series. More will be added as they become available.
Many have never heard Sharon teach as she went to be with her savior and best friend in 2006; I know you will enjoy, as I have, listening to Sharon's unique way of sharing the Gospel...the 'But God...', 'Honey Listen', and 'I know that I know that I know's'. One of her Publix's ministry stories is on the Introduction.
Are you or real? Do you have Sincere Faith?
Background from Donna Partow: 'Paul founded the church at Corinth on his second missionary journey. He stayed there for eighteen months preaching the Gospel, leading people to the Lord and dicipling them. 2 Corinthians is the fourth letter he wrote to the church of Corinth. Even though the belivers repented of their sins, Paul was urging them to live differently.
Paul wanted to remind them that serving God is no guarantee that everything will always go your way. And on the flip side, just because you seem to have it "all together" doesn't mean your life is pleasing to God. That's why Paul hammered home the importance of having a Sincere Faith.'
1. Sincere faith finds comfort and confidence in God:
2. Sincere faith acknowledges human frailty
3. Sincere faith equips us as ministers of God's grace
4. Sincere faith is willing to be broken
5. Sincere faith understands it's role as ambassador
6. Sincere faith endures hardships
7. Sincere faith pursues purity
8. Sincere faith is generous
9. Sincere faith walks in humility and boldness
10. Sincere faith acts with Godly motives
11. Sincere faith knows the source of it's strength
12. Sincere faith examines itself.