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James 4:1-10 Lesson 9

** NOTE - please accept my apology for the delay in posted this video AND for the poor quality of the camera-person (that's me!) at the beginning of the teaching.  The shaky video only lasts about 1 minute and then the camera steadies.  Boy, am I all the more grateful for Kathy and her amazing skills putting together the blog each week!!   Enjoy the teaching.   Love, Jenny Dunlap

Announcements 10-31-12

10/31/12 Announcements 

     Annual Retreat  January 11-13, 2013 “Ordinary You, Extraordinary God”!  Sign up today and start paying your way every week.

     Retreat Baskets are due by Nov 14th to Toni Slowgrove.  Make sure to wrap in clear wrap and include a list of each item and it’s value.  Toni will make a nice tag for it. Baskets will be on display Dec 5th at Bible study.

    Garage Sale Nov 16th/17th  Held at CCC.  DROP OFF starting Nov 7th.  Items will be stored in the family life center.

     Fellowship with a Focus – Tues Nov 13th 7-8:30.  Doors open at 6:30 for fellowship time. Invite a friend!
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