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New Beginning in the book of Joshua

What an amazing morning at Women in the Word!! I have been in awe of our God all afternoon as I have reflected on all the new faces, returning faces and familiar faces that I saw this morning. Sixteen new women joined our study and I am singing praises to Him!! I know that I know God has great truths to teach us through the study of Joshua and none of us are here by accident.

As you begin reading the introduction and working through lesson one, please reflect on the following questions:

1. Does the brand of faith I live by produce the kind of results in my life that I read about in Joshua?

2. Am I stuck in spiritual survival mode? Am I settling for spiritual mediocrity?

3. Are you thinking that, "This faith thing is just not "working" for me?"

Each of us is called to be a Joshua, each in our own way, in our own circumstances, with our God-given personality. We may not see the same miracles as Joshua, but we serve the same God!! (Excerpt from the book "Sun Stand Still" by Steven Furtick)
So, my prayer for you is that you believe, ask and act. That your faith becomes an audacious faith!!

Believing Him for Giant Outcomes, Joanne

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