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Listen to the Lesson - Joshua 1:1-18

Listen in on Joanne's teaching of Joshua 1:1-18 (Lesson 2)

New Beginning in the book of Joshua

What an amazing morning at Women in the Word!! I have been in awe of our God all afternoon as I have reflected on all the new faces, returning faces and familiar faces that I saw this morning. Sixteen new women joined our study and I am singing praises to Him!! I know that I know God has great truths to teach us through the study of Joshua and none of us are here by accident.

As you begin reading the introduction and working through lesson one, please reflect on the following questions:

1. Does the brand of faith I live by produce the kind of results in my life that I read about in Joshua?

2. Am I stuck in spiritual survival mode? Am I settling for spiritual mediocrity?

3. Are you thinking that, "This faith thing is just not "working" for me?"

Each of us is called to be a Joshua, each in our own way, in our own circumstances, with our God-given personality. We may not see the same miracles as Joshua, but we serve the same God!! (Excerpt from the book "Sun Stand Still" by Steven Furtick)
So, my prayer for you is that you believe, ask and act. That your faith becomes an audacious faith!!

Believing Him for Giant Outcomes, Joanne

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Retreat 2012 - Put Out into the Deep

What an incredible weekend spent with our AWESOME God!! He was definitely present among us as He healed, comforted, restored, filled, encouraged, taught, spoke and strengthened each woman there. Although I can not meet individually with each of you, I can see your sweet faces in my mind and I praise God for each of you. I am praying that each of you has a desire to meet with Him daily that grows stronger and stronger each day. May you have the resolve and determination to accomplish this 30 day challenge.

I can't wait to hear from you. I want you to use this blog (click HERE) to share encouragements, requests, victories and struggles as you walk this 30 day devoted time challenge. Remember you are not alone and when you awake early in the morning, maybe before it is light, there are sisters from retreat awake with you, meeting with their Heavenly Father. And I know that He delights in you, He is singing over you!!

As you spend time with Him remember to let His Spirit lead you. Each day may be different as you worship, praise and adore Him, thank Him, confess sin, intercede for others and yourself. Remember to pray about your prayer life!! And always be listening for Him, not only in your devoted time, but throughout your day! Purpose to be still before Him.

I was reminded this morning again of the importance to go to my prayer closet to meet with Him as I read, Acts 10:9 "Peter went up on the roof to pray." And as I read further, Peter did hear from God that day, but had no understanding of the meaning of what he heard, but he trusted God and did as he was led. Which led me to pray that I am wholly surrendered and obedient to His leading even when I don't fully understand.

As you spend time in intercessory prayer, remember the sister's "shark" that you prayed for during the walk. Lift her up in confidence before the throne of grace for He lives to intercede for us!! Remember too that you are being prayed for by the sister that placed the cross over your shark! The one song that Beloved sang Friday night said, "His Grace is enough to cover ALL OUR STUFF!" Makes me think of those crosses completely covering the sharks!! He is more than enough!!

Be encouraged Sisters!! Let God deeply in daily!! Believing that our God can do immeasurably, exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever think, ask or imagine for He is an AWESOME GOD!!

Can't wait to hear from you! In His Love, Joanne

(Note: Check back often as we add more pictures, videos, and information about how you can be a part of the "30-Day Challenge")