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Thoughts to Encourage

What a blessed morning as we gathered together to experience a "Consider Jesus" Walk. Precious time spent with the Lord in praise and worship, quiet, prayer, confession, journaling, reflecting on His Word, remembering the Cross, and taking communion. It was truly better than any study or teaching I could have compiled. What a joy and privilege to gather together as Sisters in Christ honoring and exalting our Savior.
May we remember the costly, painful sacrifice of Jesus as we approach Easter Sunday. May we also celebrate His victory over death, remembering Him until He comes again. As we consider Jesus, take time to consider ALL of Him.......the beauty and the pain in His Offering.
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!!!! With voices, hands and lives lifted high may we shout with joy, "Our Redeemer Lives!"
With a Humble Heart, Joanne