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Thoughts to Encourage

What a blessed morning as we gathered together to experience a "Consider Jesus" Walk. Precious time spent with the Lord in praise and worship, quiet, prayer, confession, journaling, reflecting on His Word, remembering the Cross, and taking communion. It was truly better than any study or teaching I could have compiled. What a joy and privilege to gather together as Sisters in Christ honoring and exalting our Savior.
May we remember the costly, painful sacrifice of Jesus as we approach Easter Sunday. May we also celebrate His victory over death, remembering Him until He comes again. As we consider Jesus, take time to consider ALL of Him.......the beauty and the pain in His Offering.
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!!!! With voices, hands and lives lifted high may we shout with joy, "Our Redeemer Lives!"
With a Humble Heart, Joanne

Thoughts to Encourage

When I opened my email Wednesday evening, one of the servant leaders had sent me the definition of "perturbed" which read as follows: to disturb or disquiet greatly in mind; agitate. What a perfect description of my mindset from the weekend! I have to be honest, the temptation to return to that perturbed mindset remained with me through the week. I had to literally fight against it and only through Christ was I able to respond to a very similar situation this Friday in an entirely different way!! God is good and so faithful. It certainly wasn't that I had no desire in my flesh to be perturbed, but I chose differently through His Spirit. May we be women who choose Christ.....a mindset fixed on things above. Spend time with God each day this week, in His Word and Presence. Oh what truths you will find and the Truth will set you free!!
In His Love, Joanne

I want to share some encouragement from LouAnn, one of our Women on the Wall:

Good afternoon, Ladies,
It was good to back in the midst of all the wonderful ladies who attend WIW. What a blessing you are to me.
Joanne's message resounded with so many of us. As I sat in the back and watched the body language, saw the nods and smiles and heard the comments of the girls on each side of me, I think many of us could relate to what Joanne was talking about. It was good to be reminded of that one sentence in our study "I am content with what I know. I am not perturbed by what I don't know." What "if only" perturbs you? Are you like me and sometimes find yourself picking up the past and bringing it to now? If you are, it was good to be reminded that when we do that we lose sight of the faithfulness of God. Only God knows our "what ifs and if onlys" and that is enough for me. I trust Him with my life.
Joanne reminded us to remain in God's word, not just on Wednesday; not just on Sunday; but everyday. The word of God daily vaccinates us against the "what if and if only" disease. Stop being perturbed about what you don't know, but trust your heavenly father with what He does know.
See you all next week and may God bless your time with him this week.
Love and prayers,
Lou Ann