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Thoughts to Encourage

As I sit at my computer, I can hear a bee buzzing outside my window. The Lord quickly brought to mind what happened this Wednesday.......while teaching Bible Study a very large wasp quietly and almost effortlessly flew directly before me and landed on my notes. Nothing too perilous or dangerous, but distracting none the less. I lifted up my Bible, squashed that bee, cast him to the floor, and continued teaching. Isn't that just like the enemy? Flies swiftly and many times quietly into our lives to cause a distraction, just enough to take our eyes off Jesus, loose our train of thought and "freak out." Next time, do what I did: hold up the Word of God, squash the evil one, and cast him aside keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus the author and perfecter of your faith!!

Again I am so blessed and encouraged by the women who share their hearts and stories with me. I want to share two with you:

From LouAnn, a Woman on the Wall within Women in the Word (that's a tongue twister!):
God has provided us with His Word that enables us to do what we might think is impossible. What a gracious, loving Father we have. Our time together is such a blessing. May God's presence be real to you in unbelievable ways as we serve Him.

From Jenny, a Servant Leader within Women in the Word:
The past week of study was very meaningful for me. God really revealed to me how discontent I am with so many roles I have right now. I don't complain out loud, but good grief has He been hearing an earful (since He hears my silent murmurings)! Leaves me at a place of total surrender today. Because in my own power, I CANNOT change my heart. I've tried. I know God's working like this in many lives and just wanted to encourage you today by letting you know what He's been doing with me.

Words cannot express how in awe I am of our Lord!! I find my mind and heart full of His goodness and constant examples of Him working in me and those around me. I frequently smile and shake my head at His amazing provisions. May we all have praise on our lips today as we accept with thanksgiving our assigned portion, walk the line that He has marked out for us and sacrifice our hearts to Him.
Living in the Shadow of His Forgiveness, Joanne