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Thoughts to Encourage

As we have completed four chapters of the Calm My Anxious Heart study, I have seen God working miracles in the hearts and lives of women!! Hearts being physically healed.....hearts being spiritually transformed.....heart attitudes being changed, all through the power of God as we obey and surrender our lives, our minds, our wills, and our hearts to Him. The power of prayer has been evident within our group as well. I see women trusting more and more in God, turning first to prayer, believing and trusting in His answers.
I receive many emails and texts from women participating in the study as they share their story and offer encouragement as they continue on their own journey. I felt led today to share a couple of them:

From Michelle, servant leader within Women in the Word:
"...you are reprogramming a very carnal, fleshly, worldly mind to think as God thinks. Impossible? No! Difficult? Yes! But God is on your side. He is the BEST "computer programmer" around." (Joyce Meyer, "Woman to Woman")
Michelle's response - I think of my walk with Christ over the past 4 years and how true this is. The more and more I walk with him, the less and less sin has control over my life. At the beginning of my walk, I remember feeling that I just couldn't do this anymore! It was easier and more fun in my sinful nature. I lived 32 years that way....I can't expect it to be perfect in 4 years. I've come a long way and can't wait to see how much more I can grow in Him who is my programmer!!

From Helen, servant leader within Women in the Word:
It is so great to share our lives and encourage each other as we walk so many of the same or similar roads. The following are some of the lyrics to "Holy Spirit Have Your Way" by Leeland that really touched me this morning: "...so I'll run to you, surrender all...lay down my life...pick up my cross...what joy to give my life to you...Holy Spirit have your way with me...more of You and less of me...more of You overflowing."
This is so my desire - more of Him and less of me, to let go and allow Him to penetrate my life and lead without taking my pen back, allowing Him to write my story. I am praying that this is not only our desire, but that we act on it, each day. Let's encourage each other to do just that. Imagine what next month will be like if all of us make this choice and act on it!!

God's Word is powerful. His Spirit is beyond comprehension. As we yield and surrender to Him, lives are being transformed. The hearts of Michelle and Helen are just two examples of that! His desire is to make all of us brand new.......forgiven, beloved, hidden in Christ, made in the image of the maker of life. That is you, that is me!! May our reply to Him be a resounding, "YES, LORD!!" as we hold loosely to the things of this world and cling tightly to the one who can sustain us!! O Lord, show us YOUR GLORY!!

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13
Believing that YOU can do all things He calls you to do in and through His strength!!!!
Lovingly and prayerfully, Joanne