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A Thought to Consider 10-4-10

Do you ever just long for the day when your calendar is free? There is no where you need to be or nothing you need to do. Those days seem to be available to me less and less. As I studied Hebrews 4 this week, my eyes and heart were opened to the rest that God offers. Not necessarily a time of inactivity, but a spiritual rest, a peace that surpasses understanding. Instead of waiting for that day when I have nothing on my calendar, God is offering me a rest today in my daily routine. As I read a John MacArthur commentary he described God's rest as spiritual, not physical. God's basic promise is to give us spiritual rest, spiritual blessing. He goes on to say that some of God's most faithful, rest-filled believers are the busiest, the hardest working, and sometimes even the most afflicted people imaginable. Yet they are in God's rest. A rest found through salvation and a rest found through faithful submission.
So I have been challenged to diligently seek God's rest this week on a daily, moment by moment basis and I have found Him and the rest He provides even in the midst of an absolutely crazy schedule. I challenge you to do the same. Then let me know what you find.......His grace is sufficient for you!!
Love, Joanne