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Thought to Consider 9-19-10

I have been very convicted this past week that as we study the Bible we are reading the very words of God, that they are spoken to and for me. I have prayed that I not rush through them or see them as a story to be simply read and enjoyed. Or words that I can pick and choose what "fits" my life best.
As I opened my God Calling devotional this morning the scripture reference was John 15:11 "These things have I spoken unto you.....that your joy might be full." Yet again God is reminding me that His Truths have been spoken to give me an overflowing joy! That by obeying them in my daily life, He promises a fullness of joy. As I prayed and reflected on this specific devotional, I wanted to share my journal entry: Your desire for me Lord is joy - full and complete joy - overflowing with joy. O Lord, I want my life to be characterized by joy. Your very Word, spoken to me, is meant to give me joy that is full. I don't just want that for myself, but You want that for me. The very purpose of your Word is that through my obedience of your Word in my daily life I would have fullness of joy. O Lord may I and every woman studying Hebrews find the joy, your joy, full joy, in and through the Word you have spoken.
Much Love and Blessing as you read the very spoken Word of God,