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Simply Women was Simply... AMAZING!

On Friday night, our Bible study was a part of the much-anticipated Women's Ministry event called "Simply Women". We asked one of the women who attended to give us a recap of the highlights. Special thanks to Sue White for sharing the following:

Last Friday night was the Fall Ministries Kick-off Event for 2009-2010.

"SIMPLY WOMEN" was such a fun night! Approximately 215 women attended...women of all different ages, backgrounds and denominations were able to explore the different breakout rooms.

There was a little something for everyone:

Simply Meals
Simply Organization
Simply Health and Wellness
Simply Beauty
Simply Resources

Each of the above topics had it's own room through-out the entire education building at Clearwater Community Church, for us to wander through and get some good ideas and tips. There was also a specific room set aside just for those who needed a place to pray.

Later in the evening, Joanne led a short devotional, encouraging and reminding us that we are completely and lavishly loved by God, regardless of our circumstances or past.

"BELOVED" then blessed us with a concert - WOW! This was real music, for real women, sung by three very talented, transparent, fun, real women. We heard God's truth proclaimed, and also laughed at times till we hurt!

All in all, it was just a great evening to be together as "Simply Women".

Love, Sue