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A Note From Joanne

God is so good! He is our Rock, our Shield, our Portion; the Lover of our souls.

Women in the Word has been blessed in so many ways over the past 10 years. One way in particular has been our relationship with HUMC's youth ministry team. Over the past 8 years we have met in the Lighthouse building. We were served each week by the staff from setting up of rooms, use of audio equipment, and a Spirit of Grace that nothing ever was a burden. We had such favor there and are eternally grateful for the servant hearts that demonstrated the love of Christ to us each week. We would have stayed there forever, but God had other plans.

HUMC is undergoing a capital plan which includes tearing down the Lighthouse building. The building process will take up to 2 years. We prayerfully sought God's will for WIW, but not once did we fret or worry, knowing that we could trust in His provision.

Within a couple of months, we were approached by Clearwater Community Church to move our Bible Study to their site. God continued to go before us and the doors were just flung open. We needed to be obedient and walk through them, which is what we did!!

God is truly a God who is in every detail, and we are thrilled to have a new location. We will continue to meet on Wednesday mornings and will be adding two evening sessions, on Tuesday and Thursday nights (see the detailed information about the studies in the sidebar to the right).

Please pray for us as we are in the midst of planning and fulfilling God's plans and purposes for ministering to women by applying God's truths and sharing the love and grace that only His Spirit can provide. Also, pray how you can be a part of what God is doing in and through women at Women in the Word Community Bible Study.

May God bless you abundantly this summer, stay close to Him through prayer and spending time in His Presence and most of all in His Word!!

Much Love,

Philippians 3:14-16, Hebrews 12:1