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Listen to the Lesson - Nehemiah Chapter 5 - THIS ONE'S A LITTLE DIFFERENT!

This week’s post is going to be a little different that the previous weeks where we’ve posted Joanne’s teaching through the audio player. There are several reasons.

First, Joanne was sick on Wednesday and was unable to deliver a general teaching session.

But for a second and equally important reason, we encourage you to dedicate some time to look at this week’s lesson in a completely different way.

Chapter Five of Nehemiah taught us that “Rebuilding Develops Compassion for Others”. In reading the passage, you’ll learn that while building the wall, Nehemiah was confronted with an additional problem occurring in the community. There were poor people, hurting people, and people who’d lost sight of their role in the community. In the study guide, Donna Partow says,

“The people of Nehemiah’s day were apparently much like us. They were earnest and devoted to their religion. They had laid down everything else to rebuild the city wall. I don’t think they were bad people; they were simply out of touch with the plight of the poor. Once Nehemiah confronted them with a powerful reality check, they were cut to the heart and eager to do what was right.”
The author then encouraged us to pray for God to reveal to us OUR OWN role in caring for the poor in our community.

The following list has been compiled based on the community outreach efforts and needs known by women in our study. (These needs were shared in the general session on Wed. 2/18/09.) It is our prayer that we, as a community of believers, remain in touch with the needs of the poor and reach out with God’s love & helping hands.

Do you have a local outreach opportunity that doesn’t appear on this list? Please leave a comment on this post with some information for us, and we’ll update and add to the list. Prayefully consider how God is asking you to respond:

Isaiah’s Inn
Phone: 727.449.2600
Address: 314 S. Lincoln Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756
Brief Profile of Organization: Assists families with temporary housing, support in loss of job or with loss/absence of transportation.
Other Important Info: 98 % of funds received by Isaiah’s Inn are given away. Operate on only 2% administrative costs.
For more Information: see Laura Hoeft

Profoundly Seth
Contact info: www.profoundlyseth.com
Brief Profile: Local family, the McCall’s are raising funds to pay for their son, Seth, to have 2 cochlear implants. Seth was born prematurely and was diagnosed shortly thereafter as being “profoundly deaf”. You can read more about their family and efforts by visiting the blog (web address mentioned above).
Other Important Info: Blue bracelets are also available for $5 to raise funds for the surgery. Bracelets can be purchased online or Laura Hoeft will bring them each week to Bible study as well.

Practical Needs for Mom adopting 4 siblings:
Contact Info: Vonda Hudson: dhudson11@tampabay.rr.com
Brief Profile: Vonda Hudson shared of a single mom she knows who has adopted 1 boy and is in the process of adopting 4 girls (all siblings). She shared the need/desire for all these young girls to have new bedding (sheets, pillows, bedspread, etc.). Some funds were collected on Wed., but you can still contact Vonda if you’d like to help.
Other Important Info: After our Bible study, Vonda received the following email with another opportunity to serve this same mom (and other families like her) with babysitting services. This is coming up SOON, so please check your schedule to see if you can assist:

We are need of some babysitters for Camelot's Foster Parent Support Group on Monday, Feb 23rd from 6pm-8pm. Camelot Community Care http://www.camelotcommunitycare.org/tampa_programs.asp is one of the four foster parent licensing agencies with HKI (Hillsborough Kids Inc.). This event is at their office and will be held the 4th Monday of every month. For details: Please see attached flyer sent out to the foster parents for this month's support group, "Navigating the School System".

Volunteers can come to:
Camelot Community Care
1412 Tech Blvd., Tampa FL 33619
Arrival by 5:45 would be great!

Community Hands
Contact Info: website under construction at www.communityhands.net
Or call Ed or Marte Gruber at 727-643-8636
Brief Profile: Marte Grube, a member of our Bible study shared the following information about an organization she and her husband founded.
Community Hands, Inc. strives to assist disadvantaged families and those in need throughout our community by enlisting churches, businesses, individuals and other organizations in raising awareness and financial support. We desire to follow the example of servant hood modeled for us by Jesus Christ in caring for those in need which will in turn lift us all, strengthening our community and empowering us all to succceed.
Other Important info: Fundraisers are held about once a quarter, and there are opportunities for local youth groups, church small groups to participate in homeless outreach programs.

Broad Reach Ministries
Contact Info: Broach Reach Ministries website, Jen Henricksen, B.R.M. director.
Brief Profile: The mission of Broad Reach Ministries is to provide volunteer staffing, physical donations and financial assistance to faith-based and community organizations that are meeting the critical needs of our community. This mission is accomplished by educating, organizing and involving the citizens of the community to bring about the winds of change.
Other Important Info: Their website (https://www.service-life.com/sysfiles/member/index_public.cfm?memberid=338) provides detailed information about several other service opportunities with organizations like Isaiah’s Inn, Grace House, RCS (which currently has many opportunities for the community to jump in and get involved).

H.O.N.O.R. (Helping Our Needy Ones Respectfully)
Contact Info: Fred Bedford (bed4rds@aol.com) or contact Clearwater Community Church at 727.799.4444.
Brief Profile: HONOR is a non-denominational, non-profit organization designed to bring free assistance into the homes of those age 60 and above. The organization is dedicated to providing home maintenance and minor repairs to help improve their living conditions and restore their dignity and self-respect.
Services include, but are not limited to: air conditioning and heating repairs, auto repairs, carpentry repairs, electrical repairs, financial guidance, general maintenance, grocery shopping, housecleanning, painting, plumbing repairs, roofing repairs, running errands, social visits, and yard work.

“2nd Saturday”
Contact Info: website at www.gracefamilychurch.org or call 813.265.4151.
Brief Profile: Held every month (on the 2nd Saturday of each month), Grace Family Church in Lutz provides the opportunity for you to plug into basic community needs:
What does it take to turn your faith into action?
It just takes time. The second Saturday of every month at 8:30 AM in the main Sanctuary, Grace Family Church will host 2nd Saturday. This event will allow you to select from a variety of opportunities to serve the community. From single mother's outreaches to projects here on the GFC campus, there will be many available from which to choose. So grab a bagel and a cup of coffee and get ready to change our community one act of service at a time.

Calvary Cares
Contact: www.calvarybaptist.org or email Jenny Dunlap at thedunlapfamily@gmail.com for specfic projects
Brief Profile: Like Grace Family Church, Calvary Baptist in Clearwater offers it’s members the opportunity to plug in and complete missions projects around the community. This one day bless opportunity will provide the Calvary family an opportunity to put its compassion into action as we go into our community to serve others and share Jesus with people as God gives us the opportunity. Register your Life Group or individually online or at the Missions Desk on Sundays.
Other Important Info: The next Calvary Cares day will be next Saturday, February 28 from 8:30 am. - 1pm.