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Living Beyond the Lesson - LOVE

As I started reading Week 3 of our study, the two glaring questions
that resonated with me through the week were:

(1) How can I love the unlovely, not endure them, but love them?
(2) How can I genuinely desire the best, not for myself or my friends, but for my enemies?

The answer was clear. I can't. None of us can. BUT GOD, through his Holy Spirit, can produce that fruit in our lives. The first realization I had was that the fruit of the Holy Spirit was singular. There is only one Holy Spirit in us and one fruit of that Spirit which has nine different qualities. All of which are present in a believer.

Where we struggle is with our yieldedness to that Spirit and allowing those characteristics to flow from us. Then, because I am such a "feeling" person and respond quickly to those feelings in most situations, I could grasp "eros" and "philos" pretty easily. Then Day 3....... agape was defined.

I learned that agape is not as much a feeling as it is a submissive response. God commands me to agape. I must surrender and be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We have got to get this because agape is the foundational quality of the fruit of the Spirit. It is only through the agape of the Holy Spirit that I can love like God commands me to.

Take some additional time and read 1Corinthians 13. Reflect on what agape is and is not. Also, pay attention to the "always" and "nevers." There are no "sometimes" or "maybes."

As Beth closed Day 4, she said, "Agape begins as a response and ends with a feeling. It may be the most difficult request God ever makes of us - and the most glorious privilege." Nothing is impossible with God, I believe that with my entire heart and that truth is confirmed in 1 John 3:20, "For God is greater than our hearts" and 1 Corinthians 13:8, "Love(agape) never fails."

So Beloved, do you trust Him with your heart, to preform a much needed "heart transplant?"

I pray your answer is a resounding YES!