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A Spiritual Mentor

When we fully surrender to God's purpose for our lives, He delights in us!
WIW is a Bible study that was started by a woman dedicated
to the will of God in her life...

Sharon Longbottom was a Christian communicator and Bible teacher
with a contagious sense of humor. Her spiritual depth from being a breast cancer survivor made her a rare individual, indeed. She formed WIW in 1999, as a small home study group for six women. The group quickly grew to over 50, and today more than 100 women are registered!

Sharon had a passion to share Jesus with anyone, just about anywhere…
from the bathrooms of Wal-Mart, to the checkout lane, to the produce department of Publix! Her heart beat with women of all ages, calling all of us to celebrate life.

In June of 2006, Sharon went to be with her Lord in heaven,
and her legacy remains an integral part of our love for
the study of God's Word and the fellowship with His people.

Our Spiritual Mentor

Sharon was willing to hear God’s call to spiritual motherhood,
taking spiritual daughters under her wing to school them.
She had no training the world would recognize.
She had no thought of such.
She simply loved God and was willing to be broken bread
and poured-out wine for His sake.

It was what Sharon was that taught us.
It was her availability to God when He sent her to our door.
It was the surrender of her time,
an offering to Him for our sake.
It was her readiness to get involved,
to lay down her life for many seeking study.
Above all, she herself,
a simple southern woman,
was the message.

Thank you
from those whose hearts have been changed
through your obedience to God’s call.

In Loving Memory of Sharon Longbottom
A Life Well Lived
October 31, 1939 – June 17, 2006