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But God...

In her book, “ This isn’t the Life I Signed Up For”, author Donna Partow writes:

"The punch line of every testimony must be “But God!”
I was in pain, but God…
I made foolish choices, but God…
I couldn’t find my way, but God…
It’s not about us. It’s about God.
Remember that, and you’re half-way healed."

It is the testimony of Women in the Word that this Bible study would not exist, but God.

That the lives of women in our fellowship would be left unchanged... but God.

That financial hardships would prevent a ministry opportunity... but God.

As a part of this testimony, we offer an opportunity for women to give and receive financial blessings that would otherwise be impossible (but... GOD!!!). If you would like to donate to the "But God...Fund", please see Joanne or email us at womanintheword@gmail.com.

And if you find yourself in a place where you don't think you could manage the cost of a Bible study workbook, the cost of childcare, the opportunity to attend our annual Retreat in January, please see Joanne or email us at womanintheword@gmail.com. You can rest assured, knowing that your situation will be handled with compassion and discretion. Allow us to demonstrate the belief that the punchline of our testimony truly is "But God!"