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Fall Schedule

The Fall 2008 Semester of our Bible study begins on Wednesday, September 3 at 9:30 a.m. with a Welcome Fellowship at the Lighthouse Building. The Lighthouse is located near the corner of Landmark and SR 580 in Clearwater, FL. We are situated between Heritage United Methodist Church and Leila Davis Elementary.

September 3 is a great day to come find out more about Women in the Word, and we welcome all who are interested in learning more about our study! There will be food, fun, and fellowship - a great way to catch up will old friends and meet new people. Please be sure to arrive a little early on the first day to check in, complete your registration, drop off children in the childcare area and catch up with friends!

Whether we're meeting you for the first time or welcoming you back, we can't wait to see you on September 3!

Calendar and Times

(Bible study is held on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.)

Fall Session:
September 3, 2008 through December 10, 2008 (11/26 Thanksgiving break)
Welcome and Fellowship: Interested? Come check us out on 9/3!
Mini-Workshop: The Temperaments (9/10 - 9/24)
Living Beyond Yourself, Beth Moore (10/1 - 12/10)

January 2, 2009 through January 4, 2009

Spring Session:
January 7, 2008 through May (TBA)

Fall Study - The Temperaments

Beginning on September 10, Joanne will begin a mini-workshop on "The Temperaments".

Temperament is defined as "a person's nature with regard to the effect it has on their behavior."

We'll learn how to identify our own unique temperament, the nature of those around us, and exactly how God wants to use each of us in individual ways to bring glory to His name!

You don't want to miss this three-week series!

Fall Study - Living Beyond Yourself

On September 24, Joanne will give an introduction to the study, "Living Beyond Yourself" by Beth Moore. We'll journey through this ten week study together from October 1 through December 10.

This study "encourages women to know the freedom of a fruitful, Spirit-filled life... Beth walks participants through each trait listed in the fruit of the Spirit, from Galatians 5:22-23, and what that looks like in the day-to-day challenges of life".

A Spiritual Mentor

When we fully surrender to God's purpose for our lives, He delights in us!
WIW is a Bible study that was started by a woman dedicated
to the will of God in her life...

Sharon Longbottom was a Christian communicator and Bible teacher
with a contagious sense of humor. Her spiritual depth from being a breast cancer survivor made her a rare individual, indeed. She formed WIW in 1999, as a small home study group for six women. The group quickly grew to over 50, and today more than 100 women are registered!

Sharon had a passion to share Jesus with anyone, just about anywhere…
from the bathrooms of Wal-Mart, to the checkout lane, to the produce department of Publix! Her heart beat with women of all ages, calling all of us to celebrate life.

In June of 2006, Sharon went to be with her Lord in heaven,
and her legacy remains an integral part of our love for
the study of God's Word and the fellowship with His people.

Our Spiritual Mentor

Sharon was willing to hear God’s call to spiritual motherhood,
taking spiritual daughters under her wing to school them.
She had no training the world would recognize.
She had no thought of such.
She simply loved God and was willing to be broken bread
and poured-out wine for His sake.

It was what Sharon was that taught us.
It was her availability to God when He sent her to our door.
It was the surrender of her time,
an offering to Him for our sake.
It was her readiness to get involved,
to lay down her life for many seeking study.
Above all, she herself,
a simple southern woman,
was the message.

Thank you
from those whose hearts have been changed
through your obedience to God’s call.

In Loving Memory of Sharon Longbottom
A Life Well Lived
October 31, 1939 – June 17, 2006

About Joanne

Under the leadership and teaching of Joanne Tittle, Women in the Word offers a dynamic place for growth and fellowship in the study of God's word.

Joanne has a way of opening her heart, touching the lives of other women and passionately sharing the love and Word of God. She has been part of the leadership team of Women in the Word Bible Study since 2000. In 2004, the mantel of teaching the Bible Study was passed to Joanne. Her ministry extends to her family, leading and mentoring Sr. High students and Discipleship groups through her local Church, planning and implementing Women’s Ministry Programs through the church, and planning/leading yearly women’s retreats. Joanne lives in Palm Harbor, Florida with her husband, John and two children, Matthew (15) and Madison (8).

Retreat 2009

Women in the Word Retreat 2009
“JOY for Your Journey”

PRE-REGISTER NOW - Get your choice of accommodations when you pay in full!

Friday, January 2nd – Sunday, January 4th
DaySpring Retreat Center in Ellenton, Florida

Special Musical Appearance by BELOVED!!

Cottage accommodations (semi-private) - $200
Dorm accommodations - $150 (linens not provided)

For more info or to register please see Joanne or
Respond by email: womanintheword@gmail.com

**All prices include buffet style meals
(Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast)

Don’t miss this precious time spent in the presence of God through prayer, reflection, praise and worship. This is an unforgettable, priceless weekend spent in the very splendor, majesty and glory of God’s

“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you”
Psalm 63:1a

But God...

In her book, “ This isn’t the Life I Signed Up For”, author Donna Partow writes:

"The punch line of every testimony must be “But God!”
I was in pain, but God…
I made foolish choices, but God…
I couldn’t find my way, but God…
It’s not about us. It’s about God.
Remember that, and you’re half-way healed."

It is the testimony of Women in the Word that this Bible study would not exist, but God.

That the lives of women in our fellowship would be left unchanged... but God.

That financial hardships would prevent a ministry opportunity... but God.

As a part of this testimony, we offer an opportunity for women to give and receive financial blessings that would otherwise be impossible (but... GOD!!!). If you would like to donate to the "But God...Fund", please see Joanne or email us at womanintheword@gmail.com.

And if you find yourself in a place where you don't think you could manage the cost of a Bible study workbook, the cost of childcare, the opportunity to attend our annual Retreat in January, please see Joanne or email us at womanintheword@gmail.com. You can rest assured, knowing that your situation will be handled with compassion and discretion. Allow us to demonstrate the belief that the punchline of our testimony truly is "But God!"


Childcare is available each week for women who are bringing a child/children to the study. Drop off time for children is at 9:20 a.m. so that the study can begin promptly at 9:30 a.m.

Newborns can stay with mom, but we encourage all moms with children older than a few months to utilize our childcare area. Infants through about 2 yrs old are cared for by loving workers who provide games, activities, snack time, and lots of hugs & snuggles.

Children approximately 3 yrs to 5 yrs old participate in a wonderful curriculum of Bible stories, designed to impress upon their hearts that God is Love! Snack time, games, puzzles, crafts, coloring... the Workers in this room have a heart to share God's love with your child in a fun, action-packed atmosphere!

Childcare Fees: Infant and Preschool children are $4.00 for one child, $6.00 for two or more children, per week. Homeschool children (see Homeschool link) are $2.00 each with a maximum of $5.00 per family, per week.

Payment for childcare is due once per month (at the first meeting of each calendar month). If you pay in advance for the entire semester, you will receive a discount of one free week. Please see a childcare servant leader for the appropriate totals for each payment method as pertains to your family situation.

If this is a financial burden for anyone, please call Joanne Tittle and she will discreetly help you to make other arrangements.

*** For more information on how you can help with the childcare ministry, please see one of the servant leaders to find out how you can help, too! ***