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Fall Schedule

The Fall 2008 Semester of our Bible study begins on Wednesday, September 3 at 9:30 a.m. with a Welcome Fellowship at the Lighthouse Building. The Lighthouse is located near the corner of Landmark and SR 580 in Clearwater, FL. We are situated between Heritage United Methodist Church and Leila Davis Elementary.

September 3 is a great day to come find out more about Women in the Word, and we welcome all who are interested in learning more about our study! There will be food, fun, and fellowship - a great way to catch up will old friends and meet new people. Please be sure to arrive a little early on the first day to check in, complete your registration, drop off children in the childcare area and catch up with friends!

Whether we're meeting you for the first time or welcoming you back, we can't wait to see you on September 3!